Wondering How To Find Trending Products To Sell Online

Having a successful product catalog on any E-commerce marketplace is having products that potential customers want to purchase. Getting higher sale conversion means selling products that are “trendy.” Sometimes finding the products, which are trending in the market could be difficult as by the time you find a source, the products are no longer in demand. Or often, you are simply not sure where to start.

As an online seller, you must be aware of the latest E-commerce trends. It will help you determine how to frame your business strategy according to the trends in the market. So, how do you identify the latest E-commerce trends?

There are wide range of tools and techniques to identify trending products are Google trends, marketplaces insights, trend publications & social media.

Google Trends

Google Trends gives latest trends, data, and visualizations from Google. You can find out what is trending. It provides a graph showing how popular the search term is. Additionally, you will see a regional interest, related topics, and any related search terms.

For example, say you want to sell T-shirts. In order to get started, go to Google Trends and type in “T-shirts” to see what the search volume looks like. You would see this:

NOTE: As a thumb rule, if you see that your product is on a downward slope, then it is not a trending product, and you should look elsewhere.
Marketplace Insights
Apart from getting the general information of trend popularity, you can also check online marketplace’s tools to discover which products are trending. The marketplaces have great insights regarding both the behavior and preferences of a buyer.
Flipkart – Trendstalk
Trendstalk enhances the experience of Flipkart’s fashion sellers. It helps sellers forecast the latest trends from real time information from WGSN (a global trend authority for fashion and creative industries and National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)) and offer sellers with top global trend analytics. It allows sellers to view category wise trends, and seasonal trends.

Amazon provides a list of bestsellers, which is updated every hour, covering the trending products across categories. If you are subscribed to Amazon Professional Selling Plan, you have the option to review business reports. You can look at traffic for your product detail page under Business Reports.

Publications and Social

There are online communities of global members who are interested in sharing and inspiring the newest trends, a newsletter full of new trend data and ideas, popular consumer product blog of women’s and men’s products. You can also get an idea about the trending products through social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Hope these tips will help you discover the trending products to sell online.

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