Good News For Sellers – KarvyClick Is Now Amazon SPN And ATES Certified

Sellers can now heave a sigh of relief because selling on Amazon just got a lot easier. One of the largest online marketplaces has launched a program to make selling on Amazon a breeze, and we at KarvyClick have experts trained in these programs.

With Amazon SPN (Service Provider Network) and ATES (Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialists), selling on Amazon as well as getting all seller related qualms resolved has become way more hassle free and efficient than before. So let’s take a look at what these services are.

Amazon Service Provider Network (SPN), was launched in 2014, in order to enable sellers with launching, managing and growing their business on  Today SPN has grown into a network of over 300 trained and certified professional service providers. With this initiative, nearly 25,000 sellers have derived benefits so far. SPN has helped all these sellers improve their sales tremendously on the platform.


Amazon SPN provides the following network to the sellers –

  • Amazon Fly: This service lets sellers quickly launch themselves into the marketplace. Service providers help them with setting up their account as well as listing products. In case they want to sell products of their own brand on Amazon, the service providers will help with brand registration with Amazon. They can also get exemptions from UPC/EAN in case of products without standard product id’s or barcodes.
  • Imaging: This service helps the seller enhance the look of your products on the marketplace and thus increasing the chance of sales. Service providers offer a variety of imaging services such as model photo shoots, product photo shoots, and image editing.
  • Cataloging: Service providers help create rich, crisp content in terms of product descriptions and make products easily discoverable to customers on
  • Amazon Boost: This service is for sellers to get assistance in managing their day-to-day Seller Central operations and grow their sales.
  • FBA Transportation: For FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) sellers, this service enables a hassle-free transport of products to an Amazon fulfillment center (FC) or to remove their products from one.
  • Advertising optimization: This service helps sellers increase their sales by giving expert assistance to optimize Sponsored Product campaigns on Amazon. This service helps sellers learn how to manage and grow their business on Amazon. Service providers also provide in-person and classroom training that cover various topics on seller central.

ATES (Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialists) can help sellers with –

  • Managing Accounts: Updating prices, listings, create promotions, etc.
  • E-Mail based customer service: Managing buyer-seller communication or order related communication with Amazon.
  • Managing Reports: Generating reports that would give more insights on inventory, payments, sales & orders.
  • Managing orders: Order confirmations & updating tracking numbers, managing returns & re-funds including managing A-Z Claims.
  • Seller Central Training: Training on the entire seller central platform and performance management
  • Creating Plan of Action: Help you create your plan of action (POA) to get back on the platform and reactivate your listings

With both these services, our service providers can make selling on E-commerce a hassle-free experience for sellers. We at KarvyClick believe in helping sellers get a better hang of things. We believe in making the entire experience smooth sailing and increasing the chance of sales of sellers’ merchandise.

Now that we are SPN and ATES certified, we can provide better service to the sellers when it comes to selling on Amazon. We will train, provide support and get things done. Whatever be the issue, sellers can always bank on us to give them quick and apt solutions.

If you’re a seller and want to get on-board with Amazon or any other online marketplace, reach out to us here. You can also call us on – 040 3321 8020. Our experts will help you get on-board and start selling!

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